Friday, January 28, 2011

top TEN from two thousand and TEN

So, for all those readers of our blog from overseas (I'm looking at you readers in Brazil, Japan, Germany, America, the UK and many more locations) last Wednesday was Australia Day.

The tradition for a lot of us on Australia, other than going to the beach and having a BBQ, is to listen to Triple J's Hottest 100. How it works is everyone is invited to vote for their top 10 songs for the year just gone, then on Australia Day they take the whole day and count down what got the votes for the top 100 songs voted by the nation.

To commemorate this great event we have put together our songs we voted to win, for you to enjoy yourself.

So here is our top TEN from two thousand and TEN

1. Billie Holiday by Warpaint from the album Exquisite Corpse
2. Zorbing by Stornoway from the album Beachcombers Windowsill
3. Blood to Gold by Boy & Bear from the album With Emperor Antarctica
4. King of Spain by The Tallest Man On Earth from the album The Wild Hunt
5. Not Stuck Here by The Vasco Era from the album Lucille
6. Rococo by The Arcade Fire from the album The Suburbs
7. World News by Local Natives from the album Gorilla Manor
8. The One You Love - Feat. Kate Miller-Heidke by Passenger from the album Flight Of The Crow
9. The Owl And The Tanager by Sufjan Stevens from the album All Delighted People EP
10. Generator First Floor by Freelance Whales from the Daytrotter Session - 4/21/2010

CLICK HERE to download and enjoy...

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