Sunday, July 1, 2012

ressurection renault

Renult 4L

Some of you may know but when in Biarritz our beloved Renault 4L died. A piston had blown and metal had gone throughout the oil and engine. This happened a few days before leaving for farm life 200km away. We left it in the hands of our new friend Rico, an old German rocker, who lives in Biarritz with whom we speak English. Rico initially was going to help us sell it as scrap and we would hitchhike the rest of the way home to Avignon (500km), but called one day to say he found a new engine for only 150euro!!! We are so happy to say we will be picking her up this weekend to take her on the road again. We have many more journeys around france to have with her and we just hope she treats us well.

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