Monday, January 23, 2012

old orleans

We have come to visit my aunty and cousins out in an old bourgeoise town called Orleans (pronounced or-lee-on). Its the first big town we have been to outside of Paris and it's giving us a taste of what type of town we would like to settle in. I always love coming here and seeing how much my cousins change and sitting around drinking 'aperitifs' with my aunt and talking about history, family, science, art and our shared passion...thrifting! Tomorrow we go to a big flea market in the area, which kim is very excited about seeing as I have told her this is the country of antiques and great flea markets. We are only here a short time and there is so much to do in this town. I thought I would just share a few old house fronts photos I took yesterday on a short stroll.


ps.there are more photos of us out and about on instagram. follow us on username:morganandkim if you like.

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