Friday, February 17, 2012



Back in December, I had the privilege of taking part in a 30 days of gratitude seminar. A little while ago I shared about a documentary this incredible mother/daughter team are making about the power of gratitude.

This seminar was excellent, but unfortunately due to the last few months being not quite normal (packing up our home and traveling the world) I didn't quite finish the 30 day challenge. I was thinking about this today, feeling a little bummed I didn't finish it and it reminded me of one of my favourite things Morgan and I do, and I want to share a little glimpse into that.

Each night before we drift to sleep Morgan and I ask each other what the best part of our day was. I love this. It is a great moment to pause and reflect on the 16 hours that have passed, and select one moment that made us smile, one moment that made the day worth living. Some days it can be tough to pick one thing because there are so many great things, and others can be really hard to think of something good. However, it is so worth it, to end the day sharing the great things we each have experienced and enjoyed.

I believe this has been so valuable in our marriage. Before we were both unemployed and spending all day everyday together, this was a great time in the day to spend time alone and share the highlight of our day. It's so easy to not quite communicate those little things that happen in the day, and I think there is real value in sharing them.

These moments we share always remind me of the things I am grateful for, and make me even more excited about what the day ahead might hold.

I hope this encourages you to share with people around you, the good things in life (however small or large) and take the time to encourage one another, that life is great and there are many beautiful things to be found.

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