Thursday, March 29, 2012

happy birthday MORGAN!


So tomorrow is Morgan's birthday, and as a person who is pretty into birthdays, I'm super excited.

I'm pretty into Morgan as well and I love telling him why. So on the eve of his 24th birthday, I thought I would continue from last year and make a tradition of it.

Here are the 24 things I LOVE about MORGAN!

24. I love that he loves food like me.
23. I love that he values family and friends above everything.
22. I love the way he ties shoelaces.
21. I love his style.
20. I love the way he cooks me meals that taste incredible every single time.
19. I love that he has beautiful tattoos.
18. I love that he loves to quote things, even silly films I make him watch.
17. I love his taste in music ...
16. and his ability to always find talented new musicians for us to enjoy.
15. I love the he is the best person I could ever ask for to travel with.
14. I love the way he takes photos.
13. I love watching movies with him, because he has such great taste in movies.
12. I love the way he cuddles me.
11. I love that he lets me sing him stupid songs (sometimes).
10. I love that he has a collection of flannel shirts.
9. I love that he helps me to not eat too much candy.
8. I love that he lets me hold his hand while we drift to sleep.
7. I love the way he supports we when I don't understand anything go on since we got to France.
6. I love grocery shopping with him.
5. I love they way he lives his life daily.
4. I love his last name, and that it is now mine as well.
3. I love the way he loves people, with complete honesty.
2. I love his face.
1. I just really really love him.

And.. now it's your turn. If you are a *real life* friend of ours who read this, please comment below and share a little about what your favourite thing about morgan is.

Thanks and enjoy.

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