Saturday, August 28, 2010

strawberry jam

so this week was a big first for me.. I made my first batch of homemade jam!! woo hoo! It was so fun, and i'm really excited to try some other mixes of fruit.

We got a big box of strawberries on a whim at the markets on Sunday, and just found a random recipe to try. It was pretty easy, but a real SLOW process. I want to start doing more things like this. Making our food from scratch. It was kinda scary as there was the same amount of fruit as there was sugar. Morgan's mum told us she uses half the amount and added some natural gelatin to hold it all together. I might try this next time


I like the fact that kim is taking more interest in making food from scratch and doing a lot more baking now that we're married. I used to be a chef so I am used to making things like sauces, pasta and pestos from scratch. I now am going to enjoy coming up with a few concoctions of fruit mixes for jam, I'm thinking strawberry and black olive.

The final result... yummy SWEET homemade STRAWBERRY JAM!


T'lia said...

I too was amazed/shocked at the amount of sugar in the jam. Gelatin is a good idea!

Morgan- Strawberry and black olive? Really?! I will need to try some of that when you guys make it, it sounds awesomly strange!!

kadesigns said...

you guys are so cool!! p.s. what recipe did you use?

morgandkim said...

Hey kez,
just saw your comment.. the recipe is here:

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