Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Garden

I have to confess, I am horrible at looking after our garden. It's not that I don't want to I just seem to always run out of time, and never get around it to. Lucky for us, morgan is a bit better with his time, and has been able to keep our plants thriving for many months since we moved to this house. I am so bad at it, that at my insistence to get some flowers in our garden, all but one have died because of my neglect. Woops.
We did however enjoy many months of beautiful lettuce leaves fresh from the garden, and while many other plants are struggling and going to seed, our herbs are soldiering on and keeping us in supply.
Lets see how summer treats them...

the little patch next to our front door has been slowly fading. We had a great 4 months over winter and spring, but as it get hotter, our garden withers. Our rocket, lettuce and spinach has gone to seed and bok choy almost all eaten. We roasted 6 beautiful beetroot fresh from the garden but now, in a position that gets only the afternoon sun, it is getting harder and harder to find things that work. I have decided this summer I would grow flowers, that can bear the heat. I chose, in honour of my grandma in the south of France, lavender. Lavender is probably my favourite aroma next to thyme because they remind me of summer in French province. I also found another beautiful purple flower called Skullcap which hopefully will last the hot summer.

This is the view from our back deck. We have a rainforest behind out house. How cool is that?!


sunnyfeet said...

so cool! no really.. it is.. so. cool. :)

morgandkim said...

shucks.. you are much cooler than our garden. xk

cb said...

i had HUGE plans for our garden when we moved it. it took a couple of trail and errors and i have not come to the realization that with our dirt succulents are my best friend! and they have been doing great, besides the squrriels digging around them, and i find it easier to have my lettuce and other veggies in a planter but now to deal the with aphids!
hope your veggies last the summer!!


morgandkim said...

@cb well hello.. lovely to meet you.
alittle note for your aphids, morgan used grey water safe detergent mixed with a bit of water and watered on the leaves. this worked a treat.
good luck, and glad you could pop by our blog.

angela said...

Ummm, extremely cool!

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