Tuesday, May 3, 2011

manchester orchestra..

Manchester Orchestra - "Simple Math" from DANIELS on Vimeo.

These past few weeks I have been completely hooked on Manchester Orchestra. I have been listening to this band over and over, so it helps we have 3 of their albums and 4 EP's. Their new album "Simple Math" is released this week, and if their first single (video above) is anything like the album its going to be AMAZING! Andy Hull is so talented with his words and the lyrics and heart to these songs get me every time. My favourite album is "I'm Like A Virgin Loosing A Child" (2006) which was their first full length album which they released.

If you're already a Manchester Orchestra fan, make sure you check out the band's side project with Kevin Devine, "Bad Books'. This stuff is equally exciting, and has the influence of one of my other favourite songwriters Mr Devine, which comes through nice and strong.

And finally if you are all over that already as well, then check out Andy Hull's solo stuff under the name "Right Away, Great Captain". These epic songs make you want to go live on a boat and sail the seven seas...

I hope you check this stuff out and you enjoy it. Let me know if you find a new favourite artist, or if these are already in your top 5, then we should be friends.
- kim

UPDATE: If you solve a puzzle on the Columbia Records website you can listen to the new album 'Simple Math' for free now.. Check it out here. It's beautiful.

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