Saturday, April 30, 2011

Morgan & Kim got Married

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So today is our one year wedding anniversary so we thought we would share some of our favourite photos and moments from the big day as we have never done that on here.

We had such an amazing day. We tried to be very minimalistic with our approach to the wedding. We didn't want getting married to be all about the wedding day, rather treat it as a giant celebration of all things "us". We wanted as much as possible to do it handmade/secondhand or at least recyclable after the event, like last christmas. We hired a little woodern hall just out of town that had a nice big yard. The ceremony was inside the hall, the after all the guests head outside to play games, eat great food and celebrate.

Our rings were handmade by a local jeweler using new and recycled gold. Kim bought an 'off the rack dress' from a business that closed down (60% off RRP) and made her own veil from an handmade headband and some netting off etsy. Each of the bridesmaids chose their own dresses, so it would be one they would wear again. Morgan bought his and the groomsmen's clothes from a formal wear shop secondhand. Also a close group of Morgan's friends all got married within a year of each other, so we re-used the same black suits in 3 of the different wedding parties. The Bouquet and Boutonnière were designed by a friend of ours, with the grooms men's made out of herbs and the bridesmaids with a wrist corsage. Since the wedding Kim has been able to pass on her dress to a friend who will be wearing it when she gets married later this month, which is so exciting.

In the lead up to the big day, we sewed 3 kilometres of bunting flags from recycled vintage fabric (this was the most time consuming thing about our wedding). This was an awesome bonding experience for sure. We used local flowers as decorations in old bottles around the place, and had heart shaped balloons (not really handmade or recyclable woops). We hung a quilt that Kim's parents bought us as a backdrop during the ceremony and hung paintings from our home everywhere around the hall. We also brought old picture frames from op shops and painted them with chalk paint to make signs for around the venue.

Spoonfed, a local caterer did all our food, using from local products and also alot of free range/organic goods. We gave out teacups as wedding favours, which we collected from opshops for our guests, which they used on the day to drink all our homemade iced teas and lemonade (Morgan is still kicking himself he didn't write down the recipe, it was the best lemonade he has ever tasted/made).

Morgan's dad made an amazing giant frame for people to stand in and take photos, and we also went off his French heritage and played petanque and horse shoes. Morgans godmother also played classic parisian style accordion all through the day which was a definite highlight. We were also honored to have our friends work together as the photographers. This husband and wife duo did an amazing job capturing the day, we appreciate them so so much.

And now for the photos. Enjoy....

MK 046cf
the groom
the bride
MK 052bw
MK 056ccf
MK 065cc
MK 080ccw
MK Wedding-434
K&M Wedding

Brides Head Band - handmade from yellowyellowdesigns
Brides Veil - homemade from squirlgirl Millinery supplies
Bridal Party flowers - by Sarah
Wedding Cake topper - handmade by VintagebyCrystal

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