Monday, October 31, 2011

a to z

I did a post about movies I love not long ago and it got me thinking, if I had to do an A to Z of my favourite films, what would it look like. So I wrote it out.

A} The Assasinations of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Redford. I find Casey Affleck an amazing actor. Simple yet captivating.
B} Big Fish. I'm a big fan of Tim Burtons film, this one is a beautiful tale without the blood and guts.
C} Control. I grew up listening to Joy Division. This is one of my favourite music/band movies. Sam Riley plays lead singer Ian Curtis too well.
D} The Departed. All star cast, all star soundtrack and all star director.
E} Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. One of Micheal Gondrys best.
F} Fight Club. Brad and Edward. enough said.
G} Garden State. Just watch it if you haven't.
H} Hook. Who didn't love Robin Williams growing up?
I} I'm Not There/Inception/Into the Wild/Inglorious Basterds. Too hard to pick, gun to my head....Inception.
J} Juno. All time feel good movie.
K} The Kid. Not the Bruce Willis movie, I'm talking silent film by the great Charlie Chaplin.
L} The Lord of the Rings. All three are the true movie watching experience.
M} Memento. Complex script/screenplay. I love it.
N} The Nines. Ryan Reynolds has a great screen presence.
O} Ondine. I couldn't understand Colin Farrell in parts, but who doesn't love a Irish movie about love.
P} Paris, Je t'aime. A bunch of beautiful short films set in Paris.
Q} Quintin Tarantinos Pulp Fiction. Q was very hard. Classic film.
R} Robin Hood (Disney). Best Disney film. Roger Miller as the rooster. Great.
S} Snatch. My favourite Guy Ritchie film.
T} Temple Grandin. A beautiful movie about Autism.
U} Unbreakable. Who doesn't wish they had a super power.
V} V for Vendetta. Poetically messing up the establishment.
W} Walk the Line. Incase you weren't already into Johnny Cash.
X} X-men. Like I said, who doesn't want super powers.
Y} Yellow Submarine. I had a confusing childhood.
Z} Zoolander. I do like comedies as well.

This was really hard to chose but looking back I think I am happy with the list. If you disagree with some or all of my choices let me know. I would love the challenge to watch movies I have not yet seen.

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