Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well this morning we are packing up and on the move again, as we leave Valencia and head to Barcelona. We have had a great few days here. Valencia is such a beautiful city and nice and small so you can walk or ride bike and get around very easy. We have seen the old city ruins, the big cathedral, the beautiful markets, rode bikes along the beach front, strolled through the park, admired all the street art and spent time with our favourite tattoo artist Sento.


Throughout all our travels we have been using airbnb for bits of our accommodation, and these past few days we have been staying with a couple of great hosts. Last night they took us out to a couple of amazing tapas bars and had us finally go to bed at the regular Spanish bedtime. 2-3am! This trip we have stayed in a variety of accommodations, but staying with a couple of young locals has been super fun.
-Morgan and Kim

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