Friday, June 1, 2012



We have been working here in Biarritz for over 2 weeks now and I am sorry we have not even posted photos of the town. Biarritz is an old, rich, beachside town. The weather is nice, the ocean is cold and there is a surprisingly little amount of French people living here. It's understandable that many people from overseas would travel here to surf, sun-bake and shop. For us, it's beautiful, but not quiet France. We have loved the hot summer days and the 15 degree swim in the oceans. Tomorrow we move south to the nearest town, Bidart. It's been amazing to spend time working in the hostel, serving people from all over the world and learning so much. Many laughs, some new friends and plenty of yummy breakfasts.

IMG_4845 IMG_4765 IMG_4821 IMG_4841

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