Friday, June 15, 2012

Les Petit Pois

Petit Pois

It has been a really great experience working here on the farm. Over these last few days I have had a great "revolutionary" experience in the way I view produce. On Tuesday we were out in the rain pulling out all the pea and broad bean plants, as they were ready for harvest and a new plant would be placed in the ground. We were out for hours in the mud pulling them all out and collecting them up to bring back to the shelter. Once we were back and in dry clothes we proceeded to pull the beans from the stalks, a process that was long and messy. In total we had 65kg of beans and about the same of broad beans. The next day after they were washed they were sorted into good and bad and ready to be distributed to the customers. The bad beans were to go to the house for us to eat, so morgan and I then spent the afternoon shelling the peas and in the evening we ate them.
This whole process took 4 people over 2 days to complete, and it was a good reminder where my food comes from and the process it takes. I usually buy bags of frozen peas, all ready to cook in 1 kg bags. To get that 1kg of peas takes a long process on an organic farm, which I have never even considered.
As someone who loves good food, it has been so good to get a reality check on where our food really comes from and all the work that goes into it.

Fava Bean

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