Sunday, March 6, 2011

we love our friends

Well, of course we would love our friends, that's what makes them...our friends. But we have a few friends who do some pretty amazing things.


this is Dubsy
Last night I spoke with one of our friend Dubsy who in two weeks is going over to cambodia to give out skate boards to kids as part of the 360 project


this is Derek
Our good friend Derek has dropped the sweet life in Michigan to help a sweet skate shop and just got back from going to all 56 Skate parks in Tasmania, cleaning them up and hanging with the locals, giving out bibles and having fun. He also joins us on our adventures and was a leader on a camp I directed at the start of the year.
French Indian Sailor

He is a freakishly talented photographer too, check his stuff out here

this is Claire
Our little british friend Claire is one of our favourite artists. She is super talented and has a sweet heart, she too helps run the skate shop but on the side is a freak with a marker!
she drew and made these decks

Our friend Andy is saving money to go back to Hawaii to do more Surfing the Nations where he will serve the community, feed the hungry and help run surf competitions.
Kims sister and brother are chaplains in two different high schools in our area and help so many kids every day.
Our friend Dani just got back from Togo where she helped in orphanages and helped to provided much needed clean drinking water and medical supplies. She did this through YWAM

This is but a few stories of people we are friends with, there are countless other, people who might not travel the world but maybe study creative writing, make short films or do midwifery. I write this not to boast on how amazing MY friends are but, how AMAZING are these people, and how blessed we are to know them.
Let the people you admire know that you admire them. Spend time learning from them and enjoy there company. And if anything, learn to follow your dreams (as corny and lame as it sounds) because if you are not doing something you love and are passionate about, then you are wasting. your. life.

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