Saturday, June 25, 2011

what to do in melbourne....


ok. So this last trip we did to melbourne was maybe the best trip I have ever done. We had such a great time and saw so many new things.

I know many people who visit melbourne, or who are thinking about it, so I wanted to share a few of our favourite places you may want to check out. Here are all our answers to a few of our favourite things.

1. Favourite cup of coffee
SARAH: St Ali, we went their for breakfast and I ordered a double shot soy latte and they made it with BONSOY. the best darn coffee i had the whole time although there were a few that were close to being as good! Also you have to try the breakfast My Mexican Cousin, its amazing.
DEREK: St Ali - Flat White - it was just delicious.
KIM: I love Three Bags Full. Its so consistent, and they make such lovely coffee. The food is really good as well.
MORGAN: My favourite was St Ali, but to share something different, and if you are in the area for the Camberwell Sunday markets then Collective Espresso is a great spot to stop.

2. Favourite Dinner
SARAH: This would be either Beatbox burgers- with Mushroom and beef patty.. the best burger i have ever tasted.. OR. that Japanese bento box place in China Town in the City. I ordered the chicken teriaki box and loved it cause it was a little bit different.
DEREK: Beatbox burgers - sammy dooblaye. best burger i've had all year.
KIM: One place I really loved was Bimbo's. It could have just been the vibe and the company, but I loved the Pizza. We got a few and shared them, I loved the Il Greco (Halloumi, Green Olives, Lemon, Oregano yum)
MORGAN: Beatbox burgers - the secrecy and mystery alone will draw you in. Such a great idea for a traveling Burger Van, the fact that they have perfected a burger recipe is just an added bonus.

3. Favourite place to visit
SARAH: Rooftop bar. It was freezing cold but your right in the middle of the city amongst the high rises. I ordered some scrumptious mulled wine which made the location even better.
DEREK: The Rooftop bar was pretty dope. best view of the city.
KIM:My old favourite place to visit is the Sofitel toilets. Now I know this sounds silly, but if you take the lift in the Sofitel toilets on Collins street to the 42 floor, and head into the toilets you have an amazing view of the city. The photo above is take from the out the glass window wall. Its a beautiful site, and a great way to take in the city.
MORGAN: The National Rhododendron Gardens were beautiful. It is so nice to see the seasons change.

4. Favourite thing we did
SARAH: Looking at the street art in the back streets of the city. Our day trip up to the Dandenongs- such a beautiful area and we got some good finds at the opshops up there.
DEREK: Drink Coffee amazing coffee everyday. I love coffee and Melbourne has taken it to that to the next level
KIM: I loved playing in all the fallen leaves. Autumn is such a beautiful season.
MORGAN: Eat, Eat, Eat. All the food and coffee we had was amazing. The differences in cultures and the vast amounts of creativity makes for a perfect combination.

we hope this help you find some fun things to do if you make it to melbourne some time soon.
- enjoy

ps. photos 1, 2 and 6 taken by the talented mr derek ellens

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