Friday, September 16, 2011

re-style: pink dress

pink dress1

This little dress re-style has been a long time coming. I started sewing this dress back in april, finally finished it in August and only got around to taking photos last week. Well it's better late then never. Here is a dress that i fixed up for my sister. It started off as a massive size 22 dress that I got for $2 at an op shop. I loved the neckline straight away and new I could do something better with it.

I cut off the sleeves and re-shaped the shoulders. I brought in a bulk off the skirt and raised the waist. I have pretty much re-sewn this dress all over again, the only original part is the collar. I love how it looks on my sister sarah. It is made especially for her and i'm very happy with the result.


pink dress2

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