Saturday, April 14, 2012


Throughout our travels we have been using a great website, for our accommodation. When we have spoken about this site with others many people have been unaware of it, so we wanted to share a little of our experiences using the site.

In Reyjkavik, Iceland we stayed in an amazing apartment, in New York, USA we stayed in a central Manhattan studio and in Valencia, Spain we stayed with a lovely couple who were great hosts.

So what is airbnb? Well, it's kinda like couch surfing but you pay, and you don't have to have a couch, you can hire a bed, a room, a floor, or a whole entire apartment, studio, unit, house, and even an igloo. There is a huge range of accommodation types in a range of prices to suit what you need.

Picture 4

We have used it to hire a entire apartments and have also stayed with hosts. All in all, we have had great experiences with airbnb. All our host have been lovely people and the accommodation has always been better than expected.

If you are planning on traveling sometime soon you should definatly check to see if there are any airbnb hosts where you are going.
- m&k

*this is not a paid for promotion. we just think the site is great and wanted to share*

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