Friday, December 31, 2010

op shop finds.. DECEMBER

It's been a while since we have posted some of our op shop finds. Since we did a second hand/handmade christmas we have been busy op shopping, but not really for ourselves. But here are a few of our most recent op shop finds.

This little picture was love at first sight, $2 and helps to remind to pray each day.
This typewriter needs a little work, but at 25cents I couldn't turn it down. We gave this to a good friend who hopefully will restore it and then we can all write little typed notes to each other.
20 cents each, I love Bribie Island opshops, best kept not so secret.
And who can turn down highly flammable clothing.

Lady at the counter: 'Is this style coming into fashion?'
Me: 'Not sure, I'll let you know how I go.'
Lady at the counter: ' don't iron it.'

If you don't already op-shop or thrift-store in your local town, get amongst it, you'll save heaps of dosh, look sweet in sometime one off threads and your minimizing the need to buy slave made, high priced clothes from busy shopping centers. yep.


Stefany said...

aw great finds!! x

Talia said...

OOh! Yay! Good finds!! Morgan, you should put together a list of Sunshine Coast/Bris op shops! I never know where the good ones are... :-/

derek ellens said...

have you used the type writer yet?
i'd like to see sometimers.

morgandkim said...

nope. we lost the typewriter already. we gave it to esther, cause she really wanted one.
so, will have to visit it in bris if you wanna see it.

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