Monday, April 30, 2012



I dont often like to talk about my tattoos. For some it can be a sensitive subject. For me it's something fun and personal. Anyway, kim asked me to share about one of my recent tattoos I had done while we were in Spain.
For a while I have been a huge fan of Ghospatrols work. He is a Melbourne based artist and I got one of his drawings tattooed on my ribs last time I was in Melbourne (you can find it here). For a while I have wanted to get a custom piece drawn by him and before leaving for france I asked him for his take on an old fable by french 16th century poet, La Fontaine, Le corbeau et le renard (if you dont know it you can read it here). When we arrived in the south of france there was a package waiting from Ghostpatrol filled with prints, stickers, his latest book and the fox drawing. I had the same artist who did my last tattoo in melbourne do the new one in his studio in Valencia. It's one of my favourite tattoos and an old favourite fable. One of our favourite bands turned this fable into a song which I highly recomend watching here.

IMG_3807 IMG_4243 IMG_4239

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