Thursday, January 24, 2013

Off to a great start....


Well we didn't plan on taking a little pause on the blog, but life happens and so did the break. This month has been a roller coaster for Morgan and I. We moved into our new place, after 13 months of living with others and in hotels and hostels, and settled into life in a new city. It has be so lovely to have our own space again and to start afresh. We have both been so excited to have a kitchen and have been loving having guests over so we can create lots of treats to eat. Its incredible the simple things you miss when you don't have your own home. We have been blown away by the kindness of our family and friends and are so refreshed to have these people back in our lives again.
Its funny to think that at times this move coming back to Australia seems crazier and more challenging that what we did packing up and heading to Europe. We really didn't know what we were going to do getting back here until we got the lease approved to move into our apartment. Morgan has picked up a great job with great hours and I am still on the hunt, but things have been falling into place that we have no doubt we are where we are meant to be.
In terms of this blog, we want to keep going. This was never a travel blog, but as we began moving around all the time, the blog followed in that direction too. We don't really know what our lives are going to look like this year, but I am sure that no matter what happens the blog will follow along for the ride.
Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading. As always it is a real privilege to have people read along and interact and share the journey with us.
We will be back soon with much more.
- m&k
ps. we have our computer back in action!

house house house house

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