Monday, December 10, 2012

Olympos, Turkey


It's a long 15 hour bus drive to get from Istanbul to Olympos, but it was well worth the journey. Olympos is an old ancient city (now in ruins dated from around 7AD) on the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Turkey, which has become a getaway for Turkish tourists. There is maybe 20 wooden treehut style hostels set up just outside the ruins, an area which is very busy in summer, but beautiful and quiet at this time of the year. We had a relaxing 5 days climbing mountains, exploring the ruins, reading books, playing backgammon and even swam in the sea. It's a beautiful area with lots of natural delights. We visited YanartaƟ, a natural phenomenon of flames burning out of gaps in the rocks, and were blessed to share a BBQ sausage with a Turkish family cooking lunch on the ancient eternal flames. Now we are back in Istanbul, and ready to explore the city side of Turkey.

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