Sunday, December 2, 2012

The epic woolen adventure


Well, we now take a break from a current series of our Eastern European adventure, to bring you a story. This is the story of how I learnt to knit. You see when we left Australia last year, one of the things I wanted to achieve for 2012 was to learn to knit. Before we head off to Spain and Portugal back in Feburary, Morgan's grandmother got me started and tought me the basics. As we took our trains around these countries I got knitting and maybe finished about 15cm. I was very slow, and the scarf is VERY wide.
As we have moved around France, I have been knitting along the way with my skinny wool and tiny needles. I was knitting many a night in the Biarritz Surf Hostel kitchen (hence my name as mother of the house), while we were woofing, on the vineyard, all over the country. As the cooler weather was approaching I felt a greater sense of urgency to finish the scarf for Morgan in time for winter. Our time in Bad Berneck was the perfect conditions for me to finish that damn scarf, nearly 9 months later. It's been such an epic journey and I can't believe it is finished.

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