Friday, July 23, 2010

the first..


Well this is our first post, so bare with us as we try and get into the swing of things...

Kim has had a blog before, and always loved the thought of sharing one with someone. Morgan however has a slight fear/dislike of technology, making him weary of the blogging community. Despite this, together we are going to try to share our lives with you, and teach and learn ways to be creative, enthusiastic, passionate, sustainable and all round fun!

This blog will explore the different areas in our lives which we try to uphold a greater way of living [not to be pretentious or anything].

Morgan... likes wearing hats, growing his moustache, buying records, old things like cuff links and tie clips, op shopping once a week, working in schools, art, travel, cooking for people (a good meal is only a good meal shared with good people), listening to a lot of music, good photography, reading but I don't do it enough and pen and paper.
Morgan... dislikes time, technology, mess, bugs in my garden, the constant struggle of the war between man and oil, people eating sweets before lunch, the true costs of fashion and when a little spec of dirt gets between my eye and contact lens.

Kim... on the other hand, like wearing bows in her hair, and socks with stockings. She loves eating candy any time of the day, and has many food cravings. Her time is consumed with working at a television station, loving her family, listening to sweet tunes on the record player, sowing creations, and learning new things and travelling.
Kim... dislikes things like social inequality and injustice, the lack of time she has to read all the books she wants, choosing what to wear in the morning. She hate when people make generalisations of groups of people and the statement 'they are all like that'. It frustrates her when the clothes aren't hung on the line how she likes it and when there is no time to take it slow and stay in bed.

This is our blog, we hope this place becomes one where we can learn from you, and you from us.

This is gonna be fun.. I know it..

m & k


sunnyfeet said...

ooooo.. you guys are cute.

T'lia said...

Contact lens! I didn't know that Morgan!!

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