Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Garden

It's funny, when Kim and I were dating I would always see this bucket in her shower, I always thought it was weird and never really understood. Since having our own house or home rather I have taken on duties to create a garden that we can eat from and hopefully share from. Now, I realise that Kim was collecting all the water we waste waiting for the hot water to use in the garden. The garden is a somewhat tricky job seeing as I have a 1x0.5 metre area of leafy, concrete and old roots as my planting ground. I also have alot of pots which I am using through many trails and errors. There are two things stopping growth in my garden, firstly insects (which I am using 5 different natural methods to get rid off) and secondly the fact that we eat the coriander quicker than it grows. I have enjoyed watching the lettuce, snow peas, baby spinach, rocket, 8 herbs, tomatoes and now bok choy grow each day. I think my favourite part is watching the marigolds flowers (which keeps the pests away) grow and most of all eating the fresh salads and herbs, especially rocket and coriander in one of my signature dishes.

Having my own garden which not only looks beautiful, but is able to provide food for me has always been a little dream of mine. One which unfortunately only came to be since moving in with Morgan. Our small garden by the front door has become a thing of delight that welcomes me home each day.

It is only small and things are only just beginning to grow (our first snow pea is coming through) but it is such a great venture and one I am very glad we are taking.

This week I planted some flowers which are blooming with delight. I was getting sick of the greenery of it all and wanted to being some bright colours to it too. I guess the marigolds were there, but I wanted more, and some I could cut off and put in a vase inside the house. Well I am very excited by this addition I made, and can't wait to see the way they as we move into spring.
big smiles, kim

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T'lia said...

Enjoy the flowers. I think they compliment veggies and herbs well. :-)

I totally feel your pain re: eating them too quickly for them to grow. This always happens to me with parsley and basil!

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