Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second hand/ Handmade Christmas

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I love Christmas! It is such a great time for me as I get to gather with my whole family and share joy, memories and kindness. I love giving gifts, (and receiving them) but I hate when this becomes such a big thing for people and it just turns crazy.
This year, as a family, we are going a Handmade/Second hand Christmas. This means all our gifts must be either Handmade (by us or others) or Second hand (from markets, op shops or vintage stores). I am so excited about this and the amazing fun things we will give a receive.
Morgan and I have just started planning what we will create and search for to give to our family and close friends. Hopefully I will be able to share some of it here. I love this so much, conspiring together how we can spoil our friends and make them feel great

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Ok, so I hate Christmas....I know you you should not say the word hate, but really growing up christmas was such a weird thing. My mum and dad separated when I was 3, leaving christmas an un-family time. Until my dad remarried and I adopted a very a Australian step family (considering my parents are French). But I never liked christmas because there was always this pressure to see who gave the best gift and just a lot of wasted money on pointless gifts we will not use. Of course in time I became a Christian which now forces me to love Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus. But I was still torn. Kim is like the number 2 fan of christmas (right after santa), she has helped me to get that it's about thankfulness and togetherness, and NOW we get to do a second-hand/handmade christmas......which is what I'm all about. So I'm sure in time...i might grow to at least like christmas.


sunnyfeet said...

damn straight. you will like christmas after this one.

morgandkim said...

@sunnyfeet i know right! Christmas is gonna be great this year! kim

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