Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i made: coffee date dress

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, and finally with the post Christmas holidays i have found some time to write it.. so here goes..

I made the coffee date dress from Burda Style. I am always trying to be ethical in what I wear and have been trying more and more to make my own clothes from recycled materials. Sorry about the crazy photos... they were done in a rush before I ran off to work. This is a sweet pretty easy pattern, which creates a very nice shape. I actually didn't put a zip in this as I can just fit it on over my head, so very simple.

I used an old bed valance which I found at an op shop for a couple of dollars. I love that this is a completely recycled outfit, and cost next to nothing except for my time. I liked the gray fabric, but it was a pretty bad decision for this dress. Because I made it mostly to wear to work and the fabric is cotton it reacts to water and goes dark. So if you spill some water on you it is VERY visible which is not good with high pressure taps in the bathroom at my work. I quite enjoy the zig-zag frills on the front, simple but effective.

I like that I can try things and learn from them. I still wear this dress, but it was a good learning curve. My friend Talia tried to make this dress too, but ended up making something even better. I recommend this pattern for you to use, its a lovely dress.
enjoy. kim


Stefany said...

wow, can't believe you made that! It's lovely x

morgandkim said...

thanks stefany.. i'm gonna try post more of the stuff i make on here.. so stick around..

Talia said...

Much better then my atempt!! I am quite partial to the frills at the front, so might just have to make those and stick them onto some other piece of clothing!!

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