Saturday, December 18, 2010

our christmas traditions

A few years ago I started a Christmas tradition with my family which has continued in the years that have followed. What we do is each member of the family writes words of encouragement or what they like about the person aka. "Kind Words". This is a great time to refocus with all the present craziness, and remind each other why we like each other. To challenge ourselves to express how we feel and think about the great people we have around us. We now try and do "Kind Words" each Christmas and on each persons birthday (but only kindness for the birthday boy or girl).

This year, because my brother and his family are heading north to spend Christmas with his wives family, we did Christmas all together a little early. I always love writing encouragement for each person in my family. This year I couldn't find morgan and my stockings, so I quickly sowed our initials onto some santa hats that got left at our house. My sister couldn't find hers either, so she used a paper bag. hee hee.

Since I've known Kim she has always enforced the rule 'Kind Words' at all major family events...mainly Christmas and Birthdays. Although we are not always in the mood it really brings the family together. Growing up my family and I never shared too many kind word, but don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my family for a million bucks, but once again it's nice to be apart of Kims family and share new traditions.
- morgan

so tell us.... What are your Christmas Traditions?

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Steph said...

Aw that's a really nice tradition. We don't really have any, except everyone must be up before 10am on x-mas day ;) xxx

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