Friday, December 24, 2010

collections.. pt 1 [the cameras]

So for a while now we have collected many different little things. This can be a somewhat dangerous thing when separating collection and addiction. When it comes to our vinyl collection I am often stopped mid-way through an online purchase and ask the question by a voice within saying 'do you really need this'. But I think that a healthy collection of something beautiful (and useful) can be a marvelous thing.
Recently kim asked me to pull out all the cameras I owned, having been given four recently by friends, workmates, as well as purchased a couple online. We were both blown away by the amount and decide we needed to make a trip to the op-shop to give a couple away.

Here are my top 5:
1- My newest is a Pentax k-1000, this baby is heavy, but you can really play around with a lot of settings and I am excited to see a roll developed very soon. I recently bought a 80-210mm lens for this on eBay and am very excited to lug this thing around at the next music festival.
2- My Fujica Compact 35- this things is vin to the tage. Still waiting to get a roll developed.
3- Our Super Headz Digital Harinezumi 2++ is what we bought to shoot our own wedding, although we did not use it a lot, we got some great shots and it films like an old Super 8 but digitally great little investment and always fun to have in your bag.
4- My Palmat 40mm, this one has caused alot of pain with ripping film out of its spool or taking 36 shots in one frame while at an epic music festival, but the day I have a successful run with this shall be talked about for decades.
5- Kims Polaroid Joycam, we don't really use this but you gotta love polaroids.

These are but a few, and eventually I will post some shots but for now we use mainly my iPhone 4 Hipstmatic App and other digital Cameras. We also may have bought a Lomo Robot 3 shot Camera for a self Christmas present...maybe.

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