Friday, February 11, 2011


Recently I started working part-time in a little catholic op-shop/thrift store. I have had so much fun working along side such a diverse and funny workspace. from little old catholic ladies to rough as guts truck drivers. Working for a charity can be so rewarding not only for you personally but you may pick up a few things along the way. Here are a few things I have found over time.

We seem to be reliving our childhood and collecting 'the classics'
Op-shops get alot of 'scrap metal' when it looks like this i couldn't help but save it from the trash.
I have never owned one of these, it had no bowl but we have plenty around the house. Now kim has no excuse why we can't have fresh baked goodies everyday.
I picked these up today, they were in the junk pile but I really love them and they might come in handy in the future...

What girl doesn't want 1000 doilies? I can't wait to see what kim makes with these.
Who doesn't need more coat hangers and tupperware?
And lastly I have had to retrain myself from bringing home too much art seeing as we are running out of space, but the old ladies at the shop keep putting stuff aside for me.

The only problem is I don't visit any op-shops anymore, because deep down I know if I wait long enough I'll find what I'm looking for at my shop. What's the best thing you've found from an op-shop/thrift store? feel free to leave a photo too so we can drool.

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