Friday, April 15, 2011

op shop finds.. APRIL

Ohh my. So i just realised we hadn't posted any op shop finds in ages. Its funny, now morgan works at an op shop we don't tend to go out op shopping much any more. Anyway, here are some of our finds in the last couple of months.


morgan and i have been looking for a sweet chess set for about a year and a half. He came across this one at his store a few weeks ago. It's lovely and wooden and very fun to play.


So the main couch we used to have was a futon, and was a major hand me down that passed through about five hands before me. It was kinda left at the share house I used to live at and some how became mine when others moved out. It was super uncomfortable and kinda engulfed you as you sat on it. One day we had a incredible idea! Why don't we get a new couch... it was so revolutionary. Morgan picked up this 5 piece 1950's couch from the op shop he works out for only $40. They even delivered it for us and took our old one to the tip. Major score!!


Morgan also found this uranium glass platter and tea pot. I've seen so many uranium glass things at vintage stores recently so I was keen to get some as my own, and now I do.

Thats about it at the moment. Most other things we have found have been given to others or are clothes sitting in my art room waiting to be sown. I hope to show some of these revamps soon.

We hope your well and have a lovely weekend ahead of you. We have my sisters birthday tonight which is cowboys and indians themed and we are doing all the food. It's gonna be epic! Might share some pics if we get some.


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