Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dresses for haiti

Pillow case dress

This story all began about a month ago when Rachel at Smile and Wave post a story about how she was making some dresses she was making some dresses to send with a friend of hers to take to give to little girls in Haiti. I was instantly excited about what she was doing and planned to make some myself to send along. But as it always does, life happened and after a series of strange events I missed the deadline to post the dresses to make the trip to Haiti. I was super bummed I missed my chance to send some dresses but that same day I found out my lovely friend Dani is heading over to Haiti in early July to help renovate an Orphanage and make it more sustainable. Woah! Isn't that awesome, so I have a new plan, and this one you can get involved in too.

So here it goes...
I'm gonna be collecting handmade pillow case dresses for Dani to take in a months time. I'm putting this out there to see if you can help me and Dani make enough dresses so each little girl can have a pretty new dress.


There are tons of great tutorials around to get you started here, here, here, and here. If you wanna get involved, flick me an email [kimberley [dot] tm [at] gmail [dot] com] and I will give you my postal address to send them. Its probably best if you live in Australia, but if you really wanna get involved feel free to get involved where ever you are.

This dress I made cost me only 1 dollar and about 30mins of my time. At this rate we can all afford to get involved and share some joy in Haiti. Please share this around so we can get as many dresses made as possible.

I'm also gonna be sharing how to make these dresses at the next Sunshine Coast Brown Owls Meet Up. If your living on the Sunshine Coast you should definitely come along and check out this new group my friend Talia has started.
Thanks heaps.

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