Thursday, June 30, 2011

little joys.


One of my favourite things to do when I have Friday off fortnightly is to go out for coffee with morgan. The best cafe in our area is only open monday to friday, so if you want some good stuff, you have to make an effort during the week to get there. When I was at uni I used to drink about 3 coffees and 2 energy drinks a day. That was not a very good time in my life. Now I am a lot healthier with coffee, I only have a cup about once a week, and only if I know it will be good.

The last 3 weeks have been pretty hectic with lots going on at work, lots of sowing pillow case dresses, and unfortunately we have both had the flu. I had not had the time to go and get a coffee from my cafe in over 2 weeks. Yesterday, however, I did something I have never done before. On my 30min lunch break, I jumped on my scooter, rode 10mins to go an have a quiet little coffee all by my self at my favourite little cafe. It did me wonders. It was so lovely just to escape the office, even just for a short moment, and feel the cold winter breeze on my face and sit and enjoy my existence.
- kim

Last year I worked in 2 schools, one in the beautiful hinterland hills and the other in a low social economic suburbia. The school in the mountains was about a 15 minute drive further than the suburbia school. I found that the scenic drive would always relax me and give me a fresh start to the beginning and the end of my days. When driving to the suburbia school I would always still have home in the back of my mind coming to work, or work in the back of my mind coming home.

This 10-15 minutes of a mountain drive was enough to change my whole perspective on the rest of the day. In moments like these sometimes I decide to drive the 'long' way, just to enjoy the scenery or maybe the music I'm listening to in the car. I'm not endorsing extra fuel consumption, but taking time to do something and actually enjoying it is something I struggle with. I am a time management freak. So, my challenge to you and myself is, take time to do something just for you, dont worry about the clock or what anyone thinks. Soak in the little joys.
- morgan

ps. Diana wrote a lovely blog about taking care of yourself which you should definatley read.

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