Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're back...

3 days, no technology, just straight up country town and camping by the creek. Beautiful.
Thursday morning we went out early to a northern country town. We began our day op-shopping which saw us bring home a ton of cool stuff (post to come soon). We also bought some passion fruit butter and rossella and apple jam from some old ladies. We then spent the rest our time away lazing in the sun, reading, building fires, skimming stones, cooking, taking photos and walking around the beautiful forests and dams. This was a well called for, well due little getaway for kim and I.

I recently purchased a Fuji Instax Mini which arrived the day before we left and took the opportunity to test it out.




The chef in me will give you a menu for the days (just incase you were wondering) :
Dinner: Beef and Cider Stew
Breakfast: Pancakes with our new jam
Lunch: Lemonade and soy sauce chicken with salad
Dinner: Beetroot, pumpkin and carrot spicy soup with fire baked garlic bread followed by damper on a stick
Breakfast: Bacon and egg sandwiches
Lunches; Sandwiches and an icecream stop on the way home.


ps: Friday our competition is drawn, still plenty of time to get in some additional entries, just click on the giveaway button.

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