Saturday, September 24, 2011

big news


Things are going to get a little different around here soon. In 3 months today, (yes, Christmas Day) we will be saying our goodbyes and leaving Australia to begin a new life overseas. We are moving to France. We don't fully know where, and we are very much stepping out into the unknown and as scared as we are, we are very excited for what is ahead. Before ending up in France we will be having a little holiday, beginning in Michigan, then New York, then Iceland.

If you have any travel recommendations for New York or Reykjavík please pass them on. We would love to hear your recommendations.

We are so excited to see where this blog will go as we head on our adventure. We will try and blog just as much, but we have a busy few months ahead of us, as we sort through our belongings, and get rid of much of what we own.

If there is anything you have previously seen in our home and you would like it, let us know, because almost everything has got to go.

thats all for now.
- morgan and kim

ps. did you see our submission to the burning house??

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