Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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For a while now I have been meaning to write about my attempts to try and go more natural with my body products. Most of us are aware of the toxins and "bad stuff" which are in products we use on our bodies on a daily occasion, and this great video below, made by the team at the story of stuff, shares a little more into that.

I thought I would share a few of the products I have been using in my attempt to "go natural".

clean your face

Cleanser: To clean my face I rotate between to products. Most days, inspired by Crunchy Betty I wash my face with honey. Its incredible how simple and effective natural honey can do for your skin. I have found these past few months washing my face with honey, has been the best my skin has ever been.

The other product I use sometimes is the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser from Lush. I do really love the Lush products, which are all handmade and use natural products. This cleanser is essentially ground almonds, lavender and rose.

Toner: I use a tea tree, rose and willow bark facial toner from Orange Fuzz. This is nice and refreshing and 100 % natural.


I don't wear tons of makeup, but as my products have been finishing I have been replacing them with less chemical based products.

Blush: I wear the Lush Black Stockings body tint as a blush on my cheeks each day. I have found this to be a real nice colour, and is essentially Cocoa and Shea butter.

Mascara: My sister brought me some mascara from New Zealand company Living Nature. This mascara is great, although because it is 100% natural it doesn't last as long as the waterproof chemicals stuff. If I go out after work, I have to re-apply again.

other stuff

Soap: We have just run out of Lemongrass and Cardamom Guinness soap. This was a nice one to wash your body with and left you smelling amazing!

Also, we have previously brought some Moon Goddess Vegan Soap. Once again, this soap left your skin smelling amazing and so soft.

Shaving Soap: Morgan started using the Orange Fuzz Beer and Clay Shaving Soap at the start of the year and it has been so economical. He has quite sensitive skin, and this works a treat.

Body Lotion: The Funk Off Vanilla, Blackberry and Sage Lotion is flipping incredible. This stuff smells amazing, its vegan and lasts ages. We brought some about a year ago, and still going through it. Well worth the buy.

Lip Balm: When we brought our other products from Funk Off, they threw in a Spearmint Lip Balm for us to try. This is great at soothing dry lips, and leaves you smelling minty fresh.

I hope you go check out a couple of these stores and can find yourself some new natural products to keep you looking and smelling amazing, without the toxins.

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