Saturday, October 8, 2011

our home.

our home
For a while I have been wanting to do something like this. About a year ago I started reading The Selby and since have wanted to share a little virtual tour of what for the last year and a half we have called home. We have about one month before we start selling most of our possessions and clearing this little apartment to prepare for our one way trip to Europe.


When we first moved here, it was very scary, the apartment is built in the steepest street in Queensland, it is always dark and cool inside and when it rains, everything stays wet and the man who built it simply threw together with odds and ends from scrap shops. As Kim and I tend to collect a lot of treasure/junk we have filled this apartment very rapidly, with lots of beautiful things. Sadly, now we must sort, sell, throw out and reminisce of all our nick nacks.
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Hope you enjoy our home as much as we do/did.

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