Friday, November 25, 2011

Guest Post: Jessica

Over the next few months we have a few different Guest Posts from a few of our friends (both online and in the flesh). Joining is this week is Jessica from honeymoonchild. This marvelous lady has an incredible way with words, and we are so happy to have her share on our blog this week.
- enjoy m&k


Join me on a picnic, dear readers. We’re headed to the sea. Let’s get up real early, say 4.30 and look around, we’ll see the world before the cynics have got out of bed. Bring your thermos, for it’s chilly in these parts. I’ll bake kanelbullar in the hours before and stow our rations in as many pockets as one coat will allow. We’ll pedal through the streets with abandon. At this hour the city will belong to us. Soon we’ll hear her whispers, she will beckon us forth to our spot on the pier. Let us burrow under an enormous rug and set our gaze across the Baltic, for Sweden, she is waiting to bid us good morning.


Notes: Visa från Utanmyra from the record Jazz på Svenska by Jan Johansson

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