Monday, November 28, 2011

weekend on the farm

The pack and move is pretty much complete. We have sold as much of our things as possible, and sent the rest to the op shop. We have packed, cleaned and moved out of our home, and moved in with my parents for these last few weeks. Things are starting to settle down for us now. We both have about 2 weeks left at our jobs, and then the fun begins. This is really happening.

While cleaning out the computer I came across these photos I was meant to share. About a month ago, a great friend of mine turned 30th, and so a group of close friends hired a house and went away for the weekend. Because I was just recovering from getting two wisdom teeth out, I only went up for the afternoon, but was able to practice using the Canon, and get photos.


ps. a big thanks for all those lovely ladies who took the time to share a guest post. We really value you all.

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