Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guest Post: Derek

We are in Michigan, and staying with our good friend Derek. Derek usually lives in Australia, but is back home with his family for the Holidays. We are so excited to start our adventure with him.
- enjoy m&k


Morgan and Kim asked me to write a post for their blog a couple months ago when they decided to come visit me in Michigan over Christmas. So i thought i would give the low down of some of the activities that will be taking place (weather permitting).

Shooting Skeet. America loves guns, Australia doesn't. I'm not saying that we're going to hit anything but we are definitely going to throw some lead around and probably have bruised shoulders the next day.


Sledding. (Hopefully we get some snow for this) always a good time, we're still snowless at the moment, which means we'll have to trek to a ski hill which will mean taller, scarier, faster hills. I feel like the kid in the middle has the most genuine sled-excitement face.


Build a Snowman. Snow ball fight. Snow Angels. Snowmobiling, We really need some snow.........

1977_January_Mike In Snow Ball Fight In Front Of Our House
The Michigan sun is pretty lazy in winter, it gets up late and goes down early. Most time is spent indoors out of the blustery cold eating delicious food, and enjoying your company. So there will be plenty of time to introduce newcomers to the U.S. to things they have been missing out on.

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