Monday, August 20, 2012

Château au Cerilly

Chateaux au Cerilly, France

Morgan and I had the privilege of being able to stay 2 nights at a friend of a friends Château in Cerily. It was pretty special sleeping in a Castle and we had the most amazing beautiful room. Definatly the most impressive accommodation we have had in our travels so far. We took the time to relax and enjoy the space, as well as explore the enormous Forest of Tronçais.
We are now back in Orleans and catching up again with Morgan's Aunty. Its strange being here again in a different season. The city is quite different to what it was like back in January. Tomorrow we head to Lardy, as we make our way back to Paris.

Chateaux au Cerilly, France Chateaux au Cerilly, France Forest of Tronçais Forest of Tronçais

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