Thursday, November 22, 2012

Belgrade, Serbia


Well once again we are down to our last 24 hours in a city. Tomorrow night we catch another night train to Sofia, Bulgaria. Our last night train was pretty good, we got a whole compartment to ourselves and were able to sleep a little too. Arriving in a city at 6am is always a strange first impression, but since that first walk across town to find our airbnb apartment, to now, we have enjoyed exploring Belgrade. It isn't the most beautiful city, but there is so much to been seen in the grey communist style buildings with beautiful architecture spattered in between.
Things here are cheap (for us) and we have appreciated the large meals and low costs. We even went to the cinemas the other night to see Argo (great film!) and it only cost us $2.50. The Danube river continues through Belgrade and we are fortunate our place is realy close to the Kalamegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress, which has a great view of the river. There are plenty of street vendors selling a little bit of everything. We picked up a 500 billion Yugoslav dinar from the hyper inflation of 1994. The sweet old lady who sold us this said "Makes super souvenir. Easy to carry and very cool", and upon purchase said "thankyou very much Mr Bill Gates". Amazing.

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