Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sofia, Bulgaria


Who would have thought that Bulgaria would be the country where we meet the most Australians around the world. We have had a lovely time meeting new people (most of who are Australian) here in Sofia and exploring the city with them. We are staying at a great hostel which is super cheap and gives us breakfast and dinner so our days cost about $10 for the two of us. Most people at the hostel are either going to or coming from Istanbul, so we have been getting very excited about Turkey. Most people are also only staying 1 or 2 days so our 5 days here has enabled us to catch up on skype chats and take it slow.
This city is nice and compact, so it is super easy to get around on foot, although the crazy footpaths can make it an adventure. We have had some amazing dirt cheap food, and are making up for all the meat and carbs we have had elsewhere, with some decent vegetables.
The markets here are fun to explore. One find, which you camera buffs might enjoy, was a special Nazi edition Gold Leica camera. We nearly bought a mini accordion for $20, but decided we didnt want to carry it. Our bags are bulging enough as it is. Tomorrow we head to a smaller town 2 hours from here called Plovdiv.

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