Tuesday, September 14, 2010

op shop finds.. SEPTEMBER

I don't really consider it a good week unless I have spent time in at least one op-shop. I am often considered stingy or cheap but it's hard to pay full price for something you know was made for a price well under what is being ask by someone who was paid even less than that!

It is for that reason that Kim and I source at least 90% of our clothes and home wares from op-shops, garage sales and markets. I believe you should always live a generous life but also don't be afraid to ask for a bargain. Everything from clothes, sheets, tupperware, fine china, records and a beautiful hat stand can be found when taking a little time to find a good op-shop and rummage through the trash to find some treasure.

We have made some great finds recently in markets and opshops, and here are a few to share.
One of morgans ingenious moments was when he suggested I buy a wine rack to keep my growing shoe collections in. It works such a treat and helps me know what options I have to wear each day.

I also scored a great crochet rug which fits a queen sized bed for only $10 at the markets at morgans school the other week. Such a epic price. They lady I brought it off made it about 35 years ago.

I have also begun a new collection which puts me straight into old people territory. I found 4 teaspoons and when I get a few more I will get a tea rack to display them. I chose some that had some relevance for me. There is one from Paris, one from Avignon (the region of France Morgans grandmother lives near, one that says 'I love you Grandma' which I thought was hillarious, and finally one which say 'Christmas 1988'. I love Christmas, it's the best time of the year, and 1988 is the year Morgan was born.
Such great treats to make me smile.


derek ellens said...

nice pictures and finds.

Morgan said...

Thanks, I learnt all I know from you, get down to it's level, dont be scared to crouch...

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