Tuesday, September 21, 2010

j'écoute : one

{image credit: Freelance Whales]

Ok, so Kim and I love music, truth be told it's probably what brought us together. Although at festivals Kim occasionally will wonder off to see a set and the fact we had fairly diverse musical upbringings, mine- The Cure, Bowie and hip-hop, Kims- MXPX, Dashboard Confessional and Nat King Cole, we usually have same taste and stick together.

Here are a few of my latest finds- Thanks to a great blog Kim and I read 'Today's Letters' I came across Daytrotters- these guys have great live recordings and even better artwork. I came across Freelance Whales about 2 months ago and eagerly await their vinyl in the mail. I have also been playing Arcade Fire's new album continually all the time hoping that they announce an Australian tour.

We are currently listening to...
Freelance Whales {Weathervanes}
Ernest Ellis {Hunting}
Louis Armstrong (on vinyl) {Hello Dolly!}
Beirut {Flying Club Cup}
David Bowie {Lets Dance}

ps. Special thanks to my dad for his contribution of 22 vinyls from the days of his youth, so much new wave and safari swing. THANKS!

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