Friday, October 1, 2010

op shop finds.. OCTOBER

This week while morgan was on holidays (and i was at work) he went on an adventure and brought back some lovely treats from the op-shops. Morgan has a great skill of finding beautiful things in the mess of an op-shop. I have smashed a few of our dinner plates accidentally whilst doing the washing up (i am hardcore) so we no longer have a full set, so i was very excited to see this lovely set of 6 dinner plate he found. Plenty of room to smash a few more now. My sister also graciously let me have this beautiful bag she found and wanted, but let morgan buy it for me. I LOVE it.

I went to a little island halfway between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, it will remain unnamed for I believe it is a pretty well kept secret (although I found out about it). Anyway, today I went with my sister in-law and our friend to find all 8 op shops (within around 5 squared kilometres!). It was a great day with many finds and even a few things I had to leave behind. At the end of the day, Kims boss and a good friend of ours gave me an old Fujica Compact 35 camera which I am very excited about trying out seeing as I just bought some old 200 35mm film.

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