Thursday, October 14, 2010

sneaky post

So. Today i am sick. I left work and came home and slept the afternoon and now am home alone, enjoying a lazy night on the internet. I never get to do this, so it feels like such a treat.

Morgan and I have been doing each post together, which means it takes a while to sit down and work on this blog, but its also very special. I wanted to share a sneaky blog post while morgan was out, and write a little post about how amazing he is. (ps. i hope this isn't too lovely dovey, apologies in advance)

I am so fortunate to be married to morgan remy lukas.

Morgan looks after me so much, and truly keeps our lives going together. He makes me lunch and dinner practically EVERY day, and sometimes even breakfast, and offers these meal to me with such love and support. One day, when we were still dating, morgan crafted an incredible meal for me, and as he served it he told me... "When I make you these meal, this is me planting some flowers, and caring for them, and helping them grow, then selecting the right colours, and forming a bouquet and giving it to you. This is me buying you flowers." I love that. And each meal he makes, be it vegemite on toast or handmade ravioli with a pumpkin puree sauce, i try and remember that this is his gift for me.

Not only is morgan an amazing chef who I could never compete with, he is so encouraging and supportive of most of my craziness. There are some things he won't accept, like the days i can't be bothered getting dressed, and he helps me realise i need to wear clothes to work. He never enters into my attempts at arguing, but will always look for ways we can live life happy. This is amazing!

He is my strength.

We have so much fun together, and I am so excited to have him as my best friend who I get to have sleep overs with every night, and play games with every weekend.

I love the fact the some days i get so giddy and excited when i remember we are married, and we get to do this forever. i love being married to morgan!!


sosser said...

hello kim! this post is so sweet and you are such a cute couple - looks like love for sure :)

morgandkim said...

@sosser. shucks.... thanks. i love raving about how cool morgan is.
i can't access your profile to see your blog if you have one. you should comment again and share it..

morgandkim said...

ekkk... i just worked it out.. your from....

ohh thanks so much for stopping by.

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