Sunday, December 26, 2010

collections.. pt 2 [the broaches]

My favourite piece of jewelry are definitely broaches.

I love that a beautiful broach can transform an outfit. I used to be a girl who would never leave the house with a necklace on. Now I'm like that, but with broaches. I have been so fortunate to be given so many beautiful broaches and have build up quite an amazing collection.
Here are MY top 5:
This is one of my newest broaches which was a Christmas present from morgan. He brought it from this amazingly talented Frenchie who goes by the name Cordialement Bisous. This stuff is incredible and each item is unique. I got one from his village series and the one pictured is from his Neurons series.
2. Morgan brought me this broach home when he came back from france a year and a half ago. I love this guy, it used to belong to Morgan's grandmother. Some people tell me he is a English Naval Officer, but all I know is I love wearing him.
3.This bird came from a little shop in Afghanistan. I went over about two years ago on my way to Europe to visit my friend gaby who was living there. She gave me this one as a birthday present just before I left. I believe this is Kuchi (the nomadic tribe of Afghanistan) style jewelry but if your reading this Gaby, please correct me.

4.What is special about this broach is that my friend Sarah designed the fabric, printed the fabric, then sowed it to make a broach! Sarah is super talented and studied textile design at Uni. Unfortunately she is pretty busy working now days, so I don't think she gets to do many markets these days.

5.Finally another special broach from Morgan. This one also came from his last French adventure, from a sweet vinatge market in Fountaine-de-Vauclause. He has a small tattoo of an anchor on the back of his leg (which his mum also has) so I like wearing this to be in the club without having the tattoo.

I also got these two broaches for Christmas as well, but they missed the earlier photo shoot.



Stefany said...

ooh wow, so pretty!! I don't any broaches but now I wish I did. Hope you had a great x-mas xx

morgandkim said...

Stefany. you should definitely invest in a lovely broach.. you can't go wrong.

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