Monday, February 21, 2011

i made: iced tea


So I don't drink alcohol, which can make things tricky when having people over for dinner. So instead of always drinking nasty soft drink I have dabbled in the arts of iced tea making.
I've narrowed it down to a few favourites. I have no links to recipes because all of them are from the top of my head, but I'll give it a go.

1. Sweet Apricot Tea
This one is nice and fruity, almost Caribbean. Just make 2 cups of black celylon tea (using about two/three tea bags per cup depending the cup size), pour into jug with a tray or two of ice. Then add 1 cup of cranberry juice (optional-you can use apple juice) and around 1 cup apricot nectar. Done!

2. White tea, Apple and Lime
Make 2 cups white tea(which is really healthy for you) and pour into jug with one tray of ice. once cooled pour one cup of apple juice over top with a whole sliced lime mixed through.

3. Green Tea and Lemonade
This is the easiest and by far our favourite. just make equal parts green tea (iced as previous recipes) and lemonade. Done. Super refreshing and it's nice to think that the healthy green tea outweighs the sugary lemonade.

MK Wedding-273

These are great for warm weather and always go down a treat. If you have any tea in the cupboard, odds are you can make iced tea. Kim and I buy flavoured fruity teas, and if in doubt simply ice a nice tasting tea and you'll be on to something. Feel free to share any of your favourite homemade drinks.

I made 50 litres of homemade lemonade for Kim and my wedding which to this day is still the nicest drink I have ever made, it's just a shame I didn't keep track of what I made it with because I think I will never be able to replicate it.



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