Sunday, February 27, 2011

we love melbourne

This last weekend (sorry took me ages to get around to post this) morgan and i headed to our favourite city in australia for a long weekend, Melbourne. It was a weekend packed full of lots of fun spent with many of our lovely friends.. this was our weekend.

we did lots of vintage shopping.. but didn't buy much.
we walked to the abbotsford convent after bumping into an old school mate of mine at a great cafe three bags full.
we went to the city and did the regular visit to the graffiti alleyway next to the forum.
we played with many friends
we ate many amazing meals
then played with more friends
we may have got a bargain at my favourite camberwell markets and brought a manjo
we visited the heidi gallery and had a lunch box from cafe vue
ohh yeah and we got tattoos..

what a great weekend. do you have any melbourne treats you can share?


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