Tuesday, May 10, 2011

free stuff!!!

In the last month kim and I have both won something from blogs we read. Firstly, I won a Coava Kone which has revolutionised our home coffee experience. It's a complex procedure to make coffee now but its so worth it, especially with this delish black star coffee. I won this through a giveaway through Todays Letters. If you dont read these guys blog, do so, now. They have encouraged us heaps in our marriage and have taught us about many cool bands, movies and other great things. We actually decided to send them a little present a week before the competition opened, so whoever said 'give and you shall receive" was on to something.

Kim also recently won a pair of Tipsy Toesshoes from hello owls little giveaway. These haven't arrived yet, but Kim is pretty keen to try them out. I think this is the first time either of us have won something online, maybe even ever (apart from kims 'most infectious grin' award in grade 2).

SO, to celebrate our first year blog anniversary in July we will be giving away a few things. So stay tuned, and if you have any ideas of cool things to giveaway let us know.


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